First hand quality

Plasser Robel Services uses only tested spare and wear parts that are purchased from certified suppliers. In terms of material and construction, they correspond exactly to the manufacturer's specifications and meet the high standards of quality production. In addition, they are also always up to date with the latest technology.</p>
<p>Efficient parts scheduling is the basis for on-time processing. Therefore, common parts are in stock with us, and we produce special parts ourselves if required.
  • Our service staff will provide spare parts suggestions at short notice based on the original documentation.
  • Parts are either directly installed in the delivered product at the factory,
  • delivered to customers and workshops worldwide,
  • installed on site at the customer by trained fitters with renewed warranty.

Spare and wear parts constantly in stock

At the Munich location, Plasser Robel Services stores all parts and components required on an ongoing basis and ensures with this spare parts logistics that your machine also has the highest possible availability.

Delivery is usually within 24 hours from the order. And that 7 days a week.

Short-term procurement even of parts that are rarely in demand

The short distances between Robel Plasser Services and the manufacturers accelerate the processing of orders. This gives us the advantage of being able to supply spare parts that are rarely in demand in a short time.

Ongoing research and development in the field of wear parts

As a service specialist, we have developed special know-how in the field of wear parts over the decades. The valuable knowledge gained during repairs, maintenance and overhauls is directly incorporated into the further development of wear parts and leads to decisive improvements.

Among the best examples are highly wear-resistant clearing chains that – according to customers – can handle up to 65 km of track.