Certified – where it counts

The high and consistent quality standard of all services is an essential part of the corporate values at Plasser Robel Services GmbH.

At PRS we have all the relevant certifications and approvals, in particular ECM and ISO 9001, as well as trained and skilled personnel. In addition, our customers benefit from Europe-wide standards for the reconditioning of safety-relevant components such as wheelsets and bogies.

Professional and standardized processes ensure transparency and stability in our daily work. This enables us to offer our customers consistently high quality.

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  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system
  • ECM 1-4 - Entity in Charge of Maintenance
  • Q1 Supplier DB AG – Classification of the delivery capability
  • DIN EN 15085-2 Welding of rail vehicles and rail vehicle parts
  • SNCF, RISAS, DB HPQ Manufacturer-Related Product Qualification für Permanent Way Components
  • DB maintenance facility (accredited)
  • DIN 27201-7 Non-Destructive Testing