Maintenance | Repair

Our service technicians rectify the fault unbureaucratically on site at the track so that your machine is ready for operation again as quickly as possible.

One call is all it takes for PRS to provide you with immediate response and timely troubleshooting:

  • Trained employees carry out an initial fault diagnosis and cause determination while still on the phone.
  • More than 30 service technicians with an average professional experience of 12 years are on duty for you 7 days a week.
  • PRS service vehicles are equipped with suitable original spare parts as needed, depending on the electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic/mechanical malfunction.

Maintenance | Frist inspection | Full service

Vehicle-specific service intervals maintain the function and operational reliability of your machine. You receive a customized maintenance plan from us for each product and decide for yourself the scope of the service – from selective troubleshooting to full service.

PRS performs deadline inspections at both maintenance plants with trained personnel. We benefit from the easy access for maintenance work and fault analysis already provided by Plasser & Theurer and ROBEL during the design of the machine.

  • Maintenance sequence, assembly and spare parts availability are precisely timed - you receive binding deadline assurances.
  • Adjustment work and testing of the repaired machines are carried out on the company's own track facilities with connection to the public rail network.
  • PRS additionally brings machines that are in the factory for maintenance up to the latest development status according to your wishes.

Upgrades | Retrofits

Education | Training

Those who know their working equipment use it efficiently. The better trained the personnel, the lower the risk of accidents and the likelihood of operating errors. PRS provides training as standard during commissioning and also offers product and service training according to your needs:

  • In the fields of electrics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics
  • Theoretical and practical on the vehicle as preparation for the external exam
  • In the procedure for the supply of spare parts
  • For operators and maintenance personnel
  • Optionally in the PRS plants on their own track systems (e.g. testing of brakes and working units)
  • or at your place

We stay in touch: The training manager is your personal and accessible contact throughout the entire product life cycle.