The wheel-rail contact is highly relevant to safety. For the reconditioning of wheelsets and bogies, PRS therefore makes use of the great depth of added value in its own plant as well as our Europe-wide certified service competence. We act quickly and deliver reliably so that your vehicle is ready for use again as planned.


PRS carries out the legally required revisions for wheelsets and bogies (e.g. EBO §32) of all known brands. You receive standard-compliant quality and maximum planning reliability:

  • Complete reconditioning process for running/wheel sets and bogies
  • Takeover of the entire parts logistics
  • Expert contacts with manufacturer know-how
  • Original spare parts from various brands
  • Customized, continuously calibrated measuring and test benches
  • Documented work procedures
  • Certifiable test protocols
  • Short lead times and absolute adherence to deadlines


Vehicle breakdowns in the middle of maintenance operations are cost drivers. Here, every hour counts until readiness is restored. PRS has the resources to make your repair a top priority on short notice:

  • Expert information on the necessary measures
  • Storage of all common spare and wear parts
  • Accelerated throughput times

Certified PRS service competence:

  • DB HPQ for joining drive and wheel sets
  • DB HPQ for the mechanical finishing of wheelset bearing housings
  • RISAS seal of approval for overhaul and new production of wheelsets (Great Britain)
  • SNCF approval for the reconditioning and manufacture of wheelsets (France)

Wheelset press

Your benefit:
  • Conforming to standard DIN EN 13260
  • Automatic recording and monitoring of force-path diagram
  • Automatic measuring of all relevant data

Technical parameters

Year of manufacture 2015
Wheel diameter 500-1,000 mm
Track gauge 700-1,668 mm
Axle length 1,140-2,500 mm
Max. wheelset weight 2,500 kg
In accordance with applicable regulations DIN EN 13260, etc.

Bogie test rig

Your benefit:
  • Recording of all bogie parameters in accordance with DIN 25043-7
  • Automatic measuring and recording of all data required in standards
  • Static testing of contact forces
  • Testing heights and dimensions in loaded and unloaded state
  • Geometric measurement of wheelbase, alignment of wheelsets
  • Reconditioning, new production or servicing – the result is a consistently calibrated and tested bogie

Technical parameters

Year of manufacture 2022
Bogies 2-axle, powered and idler bogies
Track gauge 800 mm – 1,676 mm
Wheel diameter 500 – 1,300 mm
Bogie length ≤ 5,300 mm
Bogie height max. 2,100 mm
Bogie width ≤ 3,300 mm
Bogie weight ≤ 20,000 kg
Wheelbase 2-axle travelling gears 1,300 – 3,300 mm