Repairs and overhauls are generally considered as the removal of damage and wear. However, we take a different view: For PRS, every measure has the potential to ensure the full performance of your machine and, at best, to extend its service life and operational capability for many years.

  • PRS employs skilled employees for all Plasser & Theurer and ROBEL machine ranges.
  • PRS is certified to the strictest European standards at all its sites.
  • We only use calibrated measuring tools and original manufacturer documents.
  • You will receive repairs and overhauls where the cost and benefit ratio equals.

This is how high service quality is achieved.

Revision and periodic inspections

Regular maintenance, required by law after 6 or maximum 8 years (e.g. EBO §32), keeps your machine ready for operation. Signs of wear and defects are detected in time, your fleet remains available.

PRS undertakes revisions for

  • Wheelsets
  • Bogies
  • Rail-bound machines and vehicles of all brands


Retrofit is the economic alternative to new investment. PRS replaces aging components with technological advancements, performs rebuilds and integrates additional functions. Tailor-made and always only when it pays off for you. The result is new technology on a solid basis at a good price.

  • The basic substance remains, refurbished and renewed only where you want it.
  • All measures are precisely aimed at maintaining the approval
  • After 8 to 10 months, your machine goes back into operation directly from the factory.
  • The cost of a retrofit is significantly lower than the purchase price of a new machine.
  • New technologies lead to more productivity and extended application possibilities, e.g. digital data recording, master computer, speed control for tamping units, emission-optimized engines.

Your benefit: After a retrofit with completely renewed hydraulics, electrics and, if desired, motor replacement, you can put your rail construction machine back into continuous operation as usual for the next 15 to 20 years.

  • Without new approval
  • Without time-consuming training of your operating staff
  • With significantly reduced maintenance costs

Accident repair

After accidents such as derailments and collisions of railroad construction machines, the reliability and experience of the repair shop is what counts most in order to keep the downtime as short as possible. PRS has direct access to manufacturer documents and completes all work from damage assessment to application approval on schedule and in a timely manner at its own facilities.

You get

  • Short-term damage assessment for your insurance company
  • a comprehensive repair offer
  • fastest possible repair
  • Original spare parts in stock or self-made according to original drawings
  • restoration of the original condition in accordance with accident repair regulations
  • testing and acceptance at the plant