Successful audit in Linz at P&T

Successful audit in Linz at P&T

We are pleased to announce the successful overhaul of the GWM550 grinding machine from Schweerbau. This project was really special as it involved not only routine maintenance work, but also several cutting-edge upgrades to make the machine even more efficient and reliable.

In addition to the planned maintenance work, modern LED lighting and improved hydraulic systems were implemented during this overhaul, increasing safety and performance in equal measure. In addition, the focus was on improving the operator experience with new ergonomic seats and more efficient heating systems to ensure comfort and productivity. A crucial aspect of this project was the simultaneous maintenance of the sanding units by our experienced machine operators to maximize uptime and minimize interruptions.

Why Linz, you may ask? Linz was the perfect choice for this project. Due to the high workload at our Freilassing and Opladen sites, we are grateful that our colleagues at Plasser & Theurer Export von Bahnbaumaschinen G.m.b.H. responded promptly and provided us with a dedicated workshop space and resources.

We are incredibly proud of the commitment, expertise and team spirit of the employees of both Plasser & Theurer and PRS! Thank you for making this project a success for our customer.