The actual goal is a stable track position

The actual goal is a stable track position

Did you know that we overhauled 94 tamping units last year? Each individual unit is thus prepared for at least 500,000 tampings, depending, of course, on the ballast condition and maintenance of the units.

But why is stuffing done? ⁉
For track systems, a stable and exact position is the be-all and end-all. It ensures a safe, comfortable and fast train ride!

The so-called “tamping” (positioning, compacting and stabilizing) of ballast in the track bed is one of the most important maintenance measures.
Tamping machines from Plasser & Theurer Export von Bahnbaumaschinen G.m.b.H. lift tracks, align them precisely and tamp the railroad sleepers with ballast, thus lifting them back into the desired position. It is understandable that tamping units and tamping picks that penetrate the ballast are constantly exposed to extreme loads. However, the number of tamping cycles and the operating conditions determine the wear behavior and service life. In order to maintain the required quality of work and, above all, the availability of the tamping machine, we offer a comprehensive program for unit overhaul and repair.

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